Tinder, Exposed: Why Tinder Just Doesn’t Work to Score You Hot Casual Dates

Just about everyone that’s into hooking up and adult dating has heard of Tinder, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to end up being something that you enjoy. This is the kind of app that is going to bring a ton of scammers to the yard, and if you’re looking for more fun, then you want to avoid that. You don’t want to constantly be on guard, and that’s going to end up changing the way that you operate overall. If you can’t end up finding the ladies that you want without that fear, then what’s the point?

tinder sucksThere’s no fun on Tinder.

Women are going to end up flocking to this app, but it’s not always the kinds of women that you want. Women on this app are often not entirely serious about hooking up, but they’re more serious about being told that their hot, and they end up going in the other direction. They’re way more interested in that attention than actual sex, and it’s often just a way for them to post nude or semi-nude photos of themselves without any amount of follow-through.

It’s also just really difficult to connect to women on these sites. By realizing this, you’re going to end up wasting a ton of time on a site like this. You need to take a step back and realize that real adult dating sites are going to offer thousands of more opportunities for you, even just over a month’s time. The women that are flocking to Tinder aren’t serious, and if they are, they aren’t going to answer you on a regular basis for the sex that you want.

This app makes you struggle.

When it comes to trying to make this dating app work for you, you’re going to really have to work way harder than you would on any other dating site. There’s a reason for this, and it’s because the app itself is all about sending hundreds of messages..and only getting a few replies. If you can’t end up getting the replies that you want, then what’s the point? You’re just going to end up wasting your time on an app like this, because most of your replies will end up going entirely unanswered.

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This can end up being incredibly disheartening for newbies, and this can end up really driving experienced guys nuts. This will end up being the bane of your existence, and if you’re hunting desperately for a date on an app like this one, it can really deliver a sharp blow to your confidence. These women are often just here to flirt, and then they’ll end up disappearing from the conversation once you tell them that they’re really hot. If the conversation starts getting steamier, they will disappear entirely, and that’s obviously one of the worst cock blocks around.

The other issue that you’ll run into on this app is that you’ll find girls that are not only not serious about hooking up, but they’re looking for guys to make fun of. They’re looking for opportunities to make fun of guys, and they’re pretty vicious about it. For newbies that are desperate to get the kind of fun that we’ve been bragging about, this can end up really giving you a terrible impression of what a dating site is supposed to be–but trust us, Tinder isn’t like any dating site that we’ve ever been on. It just plain doesn’t seem to deliver or work.

It only works on the phone.

While this is the age of mobile convenience, there’s nothing really convenient about only being able to access something from your phone. Tinder doesn’t have an online site to speak of, and that means that the only time you’re going to be able to message with the ladies that you’re chatting with on there is if you’re using your phone. If you’ve got limited data plans, this can end up being a really big hassle, and it can end up making your life a lot more difficult when it comes to staying in touch with them.

Trying to stick around and only use your phone is going to end up being a really big problem if you’re in an environment where you can’t stick around on your phone all day. Any job is going to get on your case about this sort of thing, and it’s going to end up really putting a damper on your efforts. You will end up missing out on a lot of opportunities just because you’ll forget to check your phone messages, and obviously, that’s not going to end up helping you get laid in the slightest.

Basically, we’ve never had a good experience with Tinder. We’ve only ever had a bunch of headaches, and if you’re looking for women that are actually serious about sleeping with you, then you’re not really going to end up finding them on apps like this. You’re going to end up struggling to get the kind of responses that you want, and you’ll be lucky if you even get a woman to talk to you, let alone a woman to sleep with you. Chances are, it’s just not going to happen, and from our experience, you deserve a lot better–we can say that for sure.