Review: Will It Help You Score Tonight? is a site that stood out in our minds from the very beginning. This is a site that pushes very strongly for a lot of advertising, and it’s a very classy looking site. This immediately makes it a site that women are going to want to join more frequently, and that makes it a target for you to check out. When more ladies join up, that means that you’re going to end up having a number of more chances to actually get laid. You really want that ratio to be in your favor.

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The layout on this site is very easy to use, and that’s something that you’re going to end up seeing from the very start. You’ll find that it’s simple to get around on here, and that it’s even more simple to find their search and profile editing features. The sign-up is seamless and only takes a minute at most. We personally enjoy that they request for their users to end up clicking a verification link in their e-mail, because then you’re going to see way less spam floating around on this site.

Overall, this site made a very good impression on us. We love being able to check out an adult dating site and immediately feel safe. In our opinion, this is a site that’s going to be able to give you one heck of a lot of options, and a lot of ladies to meet.

The results here stood out.

We ended up sticking around for our AdultFriendFinder review for a full month, and that really did pay off for us. This is a site that definitely has a ton of ladies on it, and that’s courtesy of their solid advertising. The site encouraged us to send out a total of 90 messages during our stay, and that really did make us happy when we saw the results.

From those 90 messages, we were able to receive a total of 33 responses, which was a very solid turnaround. We like to see at or around 50% of a return on our messages, and while this was slightly lower, that didn’t deter us. It just made us realize that this site had a lot of potential, and that we had a lot of serious ladies that actually replied to us.

From those 33 messages, we had a total of 30 women that actually set up dates with us. This proved our point about the women that actually messaged us being very serious; we were very happy to see that AdultFriendFinder stood out in our minds this much.

From those 30 ladies that set up dates, a total of 15 showed up, and a total of 10 of them slept with us. This is the kind of ratio that we really do love to see, and it definitely made it clear that this site was just full of amazing ladies. We’d gladly come back to this site again, and meet up with some of these same ladies.

The features made it worth it.

We spent a lot of time on this site, and that means that we were able to thoroughly explore the AdultFriendFinder features that were present here. This site made it a lot of fun for us, and that especially came to light when we were researching their search features. There were a ton of ladies on here that we feel would have been passed over on other sites, but because of the thorough keyword search that is on place on this site, we were able to find them easily.

The women on this site are also all very serious. We’re all paying subscriptions here, and that makes it really worth it for the extended search features, and the more detailed profile options that you’re allowed to have on here. These ladies want to be found, and they want to find you. That makes it an ideal place to end up finding a proper date, and to find someone that’s into an even more obscure fetish. That means if you’ve got something kinda kinky in mind, this can be a site that really does end up working for you.

Ultimately, you’ll also find that this site will stand out in terms of giving you a lot of variety. There are skinny girls, bigger girls, gorgeous redheads, blondes, African Americans, Indian girls–you name it, they are on this site, and that means that you’re not exactly going to end up lacking in the type of lady that you want to sleep with. Instead, you’re going to end up with women that are honestly interested in you, and interested in catering to you so long as you’re willing to the same thing with them.

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Overall, really rocked it out.

This is a site that definitely is going to be able to give you a lot of fun, and we’ve proven that through our stay here. After spending the month that our team of guys did on AdultFriendFinder, we came away pretty darn happy, and really ready to sink our teeth into it again. The women on here are hot, gorgeous, and they’re ready to have a lot of fun with you. That’s the kind of turnaround that we honestly love to see, and we think that you’re going to end up having a lot of fun on here, based on our results.

In our opinion, you deserve a site that’s going to end up standing out for you, and a site that’s going to end up helping you meet a variety of different women. After spending the time that we did on here, we have a hard time imagining that you won’t be able to get laid, and we think that these ladies are going to end up rocking your world. It’s just a matter of time before you find women on AdultFriendFinder that will work for you, and after spending the time here that we have, we think that it will work for you.