Review: We Tested It Hands-on – Does It Work? just makes us roll our eyes, truth be told. There’s not a lot going on with this site, and what is going on seems to mostly consist of a lot of empty, blank profiles and not many women. This site has a very heavy ratio of men to women, and that’s definitely not something that we’re happy to talk about. Instead of giving you a lot of dates, you’re just going to end up struggling to get any sort of a response online.


This site definitely is lacking in terms of giving you the amount of attention from women that you want. They are really not giving you the ‘fun’ that’s in their name, and it all comes from a poor site design and a lot of way too risque images. This will drive a lot of the ladies away from FunHunter, and when combined with some pretty sparse features, this isn’t a site that’s going to ever have you crawling back for more. It’s just a disappointment, and our review numbers really drove that home to us.

We didn’t like these results.

Our FunHunter review was really not something that we were happy with, and that’s because after a month and sending 90 messages, we weren’t really able to accomplish much of anything. This is a site that just missed the mark for us very thoroughly, and it’s definitely not the kind of site that’s going to end up giving you everything that you’re looking for…or anything at all, truth be told.

We ended up spending out those 90 messages, and we didn’t get a single response from anyone on this site. This means that it was really as dead in the water as we previously assumed, and that just ended up being more and more of a disappointment as time went on. There wasn’t much of anything that ended up driving us to come back to this site, that’s for sure.

Because we couldn’t get any responses, that means no dates and no sex. This site just didn’t end up giving us anything that we wanted, and we couldn’t wait to take our business elsewhere. There’s nothing about it that’s going to deliver results.

The features were a miss.

In our opinion, an adult dating site really does need to deliver in terms of solid results and features, and this site can’t do either. There’s not much to do on here.

If you’re looking for a site that’s going to end up giving you a bit to do other than just browse profiles, you definitely haven’t found this site. You even have to pay to use the messaging system on here, which is just not going to work for us.

We found this site to be very disappointing on a number of levels, so just remember this, and really try to avoid it.

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