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With a site like, you’re just going to be disappointed. At least, that’s the experience we had, and we can only imagine that you’re going to be feeling the same after you realize how dead and empty the whole of the site is. There’s not a lot going on, and that has everything to do with the fact that this site just doesn’t even try to appeal to the female population. They don’t want to end up joining, so there’s no women to sleep with.


If you can’t meet women, then what’s the point? That’s what we found ourselves asking the entire time that we were using ShagPals. There aren’t any pals around on this site, and there’s certainly not any shagging going on. Instead, you’re just going to end up seeing a lot of old men that are very frustrated that they can’t get those beautiful escorts to talk to them. That’s all this site is flooded with as far as we can tell, and it’s not exactly the kind of site that we want to spend a ton of our time on.

With these results, you’ll run screaming.

Our ShagPals review was a pretty big disappointment, and it’s because there just wasn’t much of anything to this site that really appealed to us. We found ourselves really lacking in the amount of attention we wanted, and after a month and 90 messages, there just wasn’t anything coming our way. It definitely didn’t get us laid, and we were really not happy about that.

From those 90 messages, we had a total of 65 responses, but most of those messages were spam. This means that most of our time was spent weeding through a lot of nonsense messages that meant absolutely nothing, and would amount to nothing.

From those 65 responses, no one wanted to go out on a date, and no one wanted to sleep with us, obviously. That meant that this site was a complete and utter waste of our time and energy.

The features don’t work.

This site is very, very basic. We really tried to make their search system work for us, but it just kept on pulling up the same old profiles over and over again.

It’s also just way too pornographic, and that ends up driving a lot of women away. If a site doesn’t even try to appeal to the ladies, then they’re never going to end up joining.

Because of all of this, you’ll end up on this site alone and very, very bored. We can’t recommend that you take your business anywhere else more strongly.

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You won’t enjoy

We highly recommend that you skip this site. There’s really not much to ShagPals, and that’s how we know that it’s just not going to end up giving you the kind of fun and excitement that you want.

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