Review: Check Out How it Rates by the Numbers already has a pretty strange name to go along with the hot mess that the site is, and that doesn’t seem to be getting any better the longer that you use it. This a very inactive site that doesn’t have the traffic to support users that want to get laid on a regular basis, and that’s something that our results showed pretty plainly. We were really not happy about spending more time on here, and that didn’t make us want to come back.


With a site like this one, you have to understand that the ratio is just going to be off. There’s no real advertising factor that comes into play with PlentySingles, and that’s why there aren’t a lot of women on here. This site also comes off as dated, and the layout is a bit difficult for newbies to really get the hang of. All of this combined makes it a poor choice for anyone that’s actually looking for a good time online, as far as our experience has shown us. You can do much better.

The results didn’t pan out.

We were really not happy after spending a fair amount of time on our PlentySingles review, and that’s why this is a site that just really didn’t end up hitting the mark for us. We were able to spend a whole month on this site to no avail, and after sending out a total of 90 messages, we weren’t exactly pleased with the numbers that kept getting turned back to us.

From those 90 messages, we ended up receiving a total of 0 responses. This was really shocking to us, because at least we usually get a few responses overall, or even a few spam mails, but that’s just not something that ended up happening with this particular site.

We obviously didn’t get any dates or any lays courtesy of this site, so that means that it was a complete and utter waste of time for us. Trying to make this site work is like pulling teeth, and that’s not the kind of thing that we want to think about when we’re trying to meet a lot of ladies and get laid online.

You can avoid these features.

This is a site that certainly hands out the basics, and not much else beyond that. Finding anything with their search engine is a difficult task, and that’s because most of the search engine keywords aren’t going to be easily picked up.

The options for searching are very minimal, and that just leads to a whole lot of disappointment on your end if you’re trying to find women that are a certain type.

This, combined with low activity and a bad layout, are really what are killing this site, and making it entirely useless.

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We didn’t enjoy

Trying to make PlentySingles work is a lost cause in our minds, and that’s why you should just avoid this one. Check out our favorite instead.