Getting Down and Dirty: Tips and Tricks on How to Talk Dirty

When it comes to talking dirty, you need to be able to whip out a skill like that sooner rather than later. A lot of ladies love a man that knows how to talk dirty, and if you’ve got that particular skill, she’s going to keep coming back for more. You just need to know the ins and outs of the game, and be able to turn it on and off at will. If you know how to do it and what to say to her, then you’re going to be able to land a number of lays that you would have never imagined.

talk dirtyLearn to talk dirty to her.

The words that come out of your mouth are going to end up really turning her on, or really turning her off. You would obviously rather it be the former, and that’s what we’re here to help with. Our best dirty talk tips have come from our own experience, and after digging in deep, we’ve found out that it really makes a difference in how you phrase certain things, or how many names you ultimately decide to call.

Women don’t want to be degraded–they want to be romanced even in a rude way, and that’s why you’ve got to talk about what you’re going to do to her more than anything, rather than how much of a ‘slut’ she is. Knowing the difference is going to really end up changing the way that you talk to her, and it’s going to end up changing the experiences that you have in bed. It’s going to turn her on, and make her come running back for more.

Don’t call names.

One of the best tips that we can give about dirty talk from the start is to not start off by calling her a ton of derogatory names. While it might be tempting to call her things like slut, bitch, or whore, that’s not always going to be what she wants. In fact, most women aren’t going to end up being entirely interested in that. Most of the time, women aren’t going to be into that unless they specify it from the start, so make sure to keep that in mind whenever you’re thinking of what to say.

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While it’s not always going to be the case that ladies don’t want to be called a million dirty names, you can go off into other territories. Talk instead about what you’re going to do to her. If you get really detailed and start using very specific words about her vagina and your penis, then that’s going to give her a lot more to go off of in terms of imagery. She wants you to be specific, and she wants to hear about how you’re going to make her feel more amazing than she ever has been before.

She also wants to hear about this in even greater detail if you’re typing it, or if you’re talking to her over the phone. A lot of women are really going to enjoy phone sex, and if they give you a really sexy leading line, then you don’t want to ever end up coming back with a ‘and then what?’ kind of response. That’s just going to make her roll her eyes and hang up the phone, so always be prepared to talk about how she makes you feel, and what you’re going to end up doing to her next.

Don’t be shy.

Dirty talk is an art. That means that you’re not going to always get it right when you’re trying it out the first few times, and that’s okay. So long as you keep practicing with it, you’ll be able to really get the hang of it. We’ve found that writing down a few things that you think are really hot can help, and then trying to talk about them on your own can give you extra practice. This will help you figure out what to say whenever you’re around a woman in the heat of the moment.

Always try to take your time and think about things before you ever even hook up with her. Remember what you’ve discussed with her online, and you’re going to really end up seeing how much it can change things and how you talk to her. If she really is into daddy kink, for example, you can always talk to her about how she’s being a good girl for her. Don’t just say that you like something; talk about how it makes you feel, and what it makes you want to do her later on as well. That’s the kind of dirty talk she’s going to love.

Always, always discuss beforehand. You want to make sure that she’s really into the kind of dirty talk that you’re trying to bring into your sexual relationship, and if she isn’t into it, then you can really end up turning her away instead of making her want to climb you like a tree. Take the time to have those kinds of conversations, and you’re going to end up getting laid way more frequently than you ever would have imagined. That’s the kind of advice that we love to offer.