Review: Can It Help You Scratch a Dating Itch?

Spending time on is enough to make us grimace for sure. This site, overall, is just really lacking the oomph that a dating site needs online to bring in women, and that’s why it’s so boring. We were really just yawning the whole time that we were trying to use it, and trust us, buying a subscription here isn’t going to end up changing any of that. This site just has next to nothing on it for you to enjoy.


The first, immediate turn-off of this site is going to end up being found in the pornographic nature of the layout. Women aren’t going to enjoy that, and they’re going to want to run away screaming from it. This is the kind of site that’s only going to end up offending the ladies, because they feel objectified just by logging into it. While they can join for free, men can’t, and that makes this site a target for escorts. In our opinion, you can do much better than waste your time on a site like this one.

The review wasn’t great.

The more time that we spent on our ShagAHolic review, the less time we enjoyed ourselves here. This is a site that we spent a month on, but during that time, even sending out 90 messages didn’t seem to give us anything good. It’s just a hot mess, and we really didn’t expect much to come out of it. Fortunately, we were right to assume the worst.

From those 90 messages, we were able to receive a grand total of 59 responses…which wasn’t good, when you consider how much of that was a spam filter. This means that most of the messages that we received on this site were entirely useless, and a complete and utter waste of our time.

From those 59 responses, only a total of 4 women said that they would end up meeting us for a date. Only 3 showed up, and only 2 slept with us. We can’t speak for you, but we can only assume that you’d rather end up with a lot more sex than that after a whole month of messing around on an adult dating site.

The features weren’t good at all.

They’re really going to try and push that you get a subscription for the ShagAholic site, but we can’t recommend against that enough. This site’s features are basically the same if you pay for them or not, and that’s not something you want to waste money on.

The site is really poorly designed, with error messages popping up all the time. That’s not something that’s very appealing.

Without a proper overhaul, this is a site that’s going to need to be shelved in the meantime. It just plain doesn’t work for us, and we didn’t like it.

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