Review: Legit or Not? See How It Measures Up is a site that basically looks like a clone of every other adult dating site that’s out there, and that’s not a compliment. This is a site that we’ve definitely reviewed before, just with a different name and a different face, but it doesn’t stop it from being really, really low quality. This site just plain doesn’t hit the mark in terms of giving you the kind of traffic needed to get you laid with a lovely lady.


This site might allow ladies to chat with guys for free, but that means that you’ve got to buy a membership in order to chat back. Now, the chances of a real woman on this site actually having a conversation with you is pretty darn low, first of all. This site is so inactive that you’re not going to end up seeing very many actual women floating around on here. Instead, it’s mostly bots, and if you want to pay money to chat with bots, then that’s up to you. We can’t recommend that you do it, however.

The results here were nothing to get excited about.

We were really trying to make our Flirt review something interesting, but the more time that we spent on this site, the less we were excited about it. We managed to spend a whole month on this site for our review, and we sent out a total of 90 messages. The results that we received were really nothing to be happy about, and we couldn’t wait to leave.

From those 90 messages, we ended up with a total of 90 responses in our inbox…but that’s not because these ladies were all so eager to see us. Instead, it’s because these ladies didn’t reply at all. All the responses we received were from bots, which is really not the way that we ever want to end up spending our time on these kinds of sites.

Receiving a ton of junk mail is pretty much par for the course on a site like this one. We obviously didn’t get laid, and that made this site one of the more useless ones that we’ve tried out in awhile. It’s just not going to end up working for you.

There aren’t any good features.

Dealing with this site long term made us realize that the so-called Flirt features are really just nothing but the most basic search engines and profiles that you’ll ever find.

You don’t want to end up paying cash for something that you could literally code yourself. By the time you spend cash here, you could open up your own dating site.

It’s such a waste of time that after our review, we just had to go to our favorite site instead to feel cleansed. This is a site that you can really get frustrated over.

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