Review: Can It Get You the Dates You Want?

There’s one thing that we do need to let you know about right from the start–it’s free, sure, but we highly recommend getting a subscription. As a user, there are a lot of nice features that you can use if you’re still using the free version, but we really think that it’s out of this world even with just their basic monthly subscription. This is something that even someone on an average salary can afford, and that’s why you just can’t justify going without it.

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There are a lot of great things about FreeHookups, and in our opinion, this is the best place to meet women online. If you want to get laid, you need to be on this site. The women on here do get to join for free, and that makes for a very thriving, active site, and one that’s just full of opportunities for you to meet even more ladies as time goes on. If you can stay active and updated on a site like this one, then you’re going to be able to hit the ground running and meet a ton of ladies that will sleep with you.

The culture here is a strong one. These ladies are serious about getting laid, and they aren’t afraid to get down and dirty with you. They’ll talk about sex open and frankly, and judging by the sexy layout on this site, you’ll probably end up seeing a lot of nudes floating around in their profile pictures. Don’t be put off by that; that’s just the site’s culture and way of doing things, and honestly, we found this site to be a breath of fresh air. You can have fun here.

The results really showed off here.

We were very thrilled with our FreeHookups review, and that’s because this is a site that’s just going to keep on giving. In our opinion, this is a site that’s going to end up giving you a lot of opportunities, and considering that we sent out a total of 90 messages over the month that we spent here, we think that if we sent out even more, we’d be able to get even more lays. These ladies are eager, serious, and they’re very, very ready to have some great sex.

From those 90 messages, we were able to scoop up a total of 43 responses from our inbox. This was awesome, considering we like to see around a 50% return of messages. These ladies were really interested in meeting with us from the beginning, and most of them were the first ones to suggest talking about sex, or sharing nude pictures on this site.

From those 43 responses, we had a total of 33 ladies that wanted to end up meeting us for a date. This was awesome, and we were really excited about this ratio. It’s rare that you’re going to find this many women that are willing to meet up with you, but with this site, it’s something that you’re going to get used to over time. They’re very active on here.

From those 33 ladies that wanted to date us, a total of 28 showed up…and a total of 28 slept with us. Yep, that’s right; every single woman on this site that actually showed up for a date with us actually had sex with us. This is incredible, and that really goes to show that the women that are serious are genuinely serious. They wanted to come back for another round, even, and we’re just waiting for them to reply to some texts now.

The features were great here, too.

Unsurprisingly, this is a site that has a lot of active members, and that all comes from the great features that keep them hanging out. It’s something that does come with their subscription prices being so honestly affordable, but you’ll also just find that the site is fun to use. They have a lot of chat rooms alongside their messaging system, which is honestly one of our favorites. It’s just easy to bookmark your favorite ladies on here, and to end up chatting with them on a more frequent basis. You’ll be able to find out your favorites just by checking out some of your lists.

The chat rooms here are well-monitored, and if you do end up coming across any spammers or scammers, reporting them to the staff on this site has always had really good results for us. These women are going to end up giving you a lot of attention in the chat rooms if you as much as pay them a single compliment, but make sure to still make a good impression by being polite.

Overall, we had a great time using this site’s search feature, too. It’s very basic on the non-subscription plan, but even that is more than enough and very powerful in terms of keywords. Just make sure that you get the full deal to make your life even easier, and to make this site really deliver for you.

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In our opinion, this is the pinnacle of perfection when it comes to getting laid from an online dating site. We loved FreeHookups, and we really do think that based on our results, it’s going to get you at least a few hot dates that will really end up rocking your world. These girls are hot and eager, and they’re ready to find someone that’s going to actually give them the attention that they deserve.

If you want to have a great time on this site, go in with a subscription plan, and go to town. It doesn’t even require that much updating; you just need to make sure that you’re ready to reply to a lot of messages, and set your profile up the first time. This is a site that’s going to end up giving you a lot of options and a lot of fun, and the women on here are honestly great. Don’t miss out.