Review: See If It Can Really Compete Online

Trying to make work is a study in frustration. Sure, this site might look like it could be fun, but the deeper you dig into it, the worse it’s going to get. The layout is immediately not welcoming enough, and for women, it honestly is just going to end up coming off as a joke of a porn site. It’s way too pushy and in your face about being all about sex, and we don’t really like that.


If a site can’t effectively attract women, then it’s going to end up going downhill. That’s definitely the problem with SaucyDates, and that’s why we imagine anyone would end up struggling to get the kind of sex that they want from a site like this one. There are a few women on here that are kind of serious about getting laid, but they are the kind of ladies that you’ll find on any better dating site. This site just can’t even compare, even if you buy a subscription, and that’s why we really didn’t have a good experience while using it.

The results should be avoided.

You aren’t going to be impressed with our SaucyDates review, and that’s because the numbers are just plain not impressive. During our month-long stay on this particular site, we sent out a total of 90 messages, but the turnaround was just not that great at all. Overall, this site really didn’t end up hitting the mark for us, and we were usually pretty darn bored whenever we used the site.

From those 90 messages, we had a total of 74 responses…and while that sounds okay, you do need to realize that most of those responses were just pure spam. The likelihood of getting real women to chat with you on this site was pretty darn slim, and the filter on your messages here is just really poorly done.

From those 74 messages, only a total of 5 women wanted to end up going on dates with us, and ultimately, only 1 showed up. She might have slept with us, but we’re pretty sure that she was just as desperate as we were.

We didn’t like the features.

This site has a lot of flaws, and their subscription service doesn’t even come close to fixing that. They don’t really have a solid search feature–you can only search by geographical region and a few body type things.

That turns us off immediately, as does the low levels of activity and the lack of any real solid ratio. We just don’t know how many women are here.

Overall, this site is just really boring. We think that you can do better, and based on our experiences, we want way more sex than this.

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You can skip

This is a site that really just needs to be shelved until they get a lot more activity going on, in our opinion. Rather than waste your time on a site like this one, you should really be checking out instead.