Review: Tried and Tested In Our Rankings sounds like it should be a pretty classy little site, but sadly, it’s the opposite. This site just ended up giving us a headache from its old, outdated layout, and the fact that it really doesn’t have that many ladies floating around on it. Instead of being active, fun, and classy, it mostly ended up being a hot mess of a disappointment that really didn’t appeal to us in the slightest during our review. We need more than this site has to offer.


This site is in sore need of updates. This means that even if you’re looking for a hot piece on this site, the chance of you getting them is going to be extremely low because they just aren’t joining up. No woman that’s serious about getting laid online is going to want to end up going to a site that just plains outdated and really, really boring, which is what you need to understand whenever you’re trying to use this particular site. It’s just not thriving, and it doesn’t seem to be trying to be.

Our review showed all.

The more time that we spent on our TheAdultCafe reviews, the less happy we became about this particular site. That’s because after a month, we really did expect a lot more progress than we were able to get, and after sending out a total of 90 messages, we were just really annoyed that we couldn’t get these ladies to pay any attention to us.

From those 90 messages, we ended up with a total of 44 responses…which might sound okay, but most of those messages were just nonsense bots and spam. That means that we were really just running on empty from the start here, and it wasn’t working out for us.

From those 44 responses, it proved our point about this site to see that we couldn’t get a single girl to ask us out, and we couldn’t get anyone to sleep with us, either. Basically, this site just ended up wasting our time from the very beginning, and we didn’t like that.

The features were no good.

Finding fun, exciting features on the TheAdultCafe site was really not happening for us. This site has way too many basic features, and not much else that’s going to ever end up working for you.

Their search engine is very minimal, and combined with their clunky, hard to use layout, it’s going to be an act of Congress for you to find anything on this site.

During our stay, we were very frustrated by all of this, and we honestly couldn’t wait to leave. No one needs to be subjected to a site that’s going to end up wasting their time as much as this one does.

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