LocalSlags.co.uk Review: Find Out Whether It’s Worth Your Time

LocalSlags.co.uk doesn’t really have a classy name to start off with, and the layout is also really, really pornographic. This ended up really disappointing us, because it means that there’s going to be an abysmal ratio of women to men from the very start. We weren’t wrong. This site mostly just has old, generated profiles of women on it as far as we can tell, and it’s all used to convince guys to join up and spend their cash here when they aren’t going to get laid.


We really don’t appreciate sites that are trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Sure, there are some real women on here, but during our time spent on this site, we really struggled to get them to actually talk to us. For the most part, the women that will talk to you on this site seem to be escorts. That makes LocalSlags just a hot mess of a site that’s not going to get you laid. If anything, it could get you into some deep trouble, and we really don’t like that.

Our review wasn’t great.

We really did try to make our LocalSlags review into something good, no matter how the site just gave us bad vibes from the very beginning. No matter what we did, however, this site just couldn’t end up standing out for us. This was a site that really did miss the mark, and after a month of sitting on this site, sending out 90 messages seemed to do very little.

From those 90 messages, we couldn’t get a single response. We were really disappointed in knowing that we were right all along about this site, and yet we still managed to spend all of that time on it. Wasting time is really not one of our top priorities, and we could do without it.

Obviously, we couldn’t get any replies, so that means no dates, and that means no sex. This site just totally missed the boat on what we wanted, and that means that we were really not interested in coming back to this site. It’s just plain not worth it.

You can avoid these features.

Spending a ton of time on this site mean that we were subjected to some pretty flat features. There’s not very many, and mostly, it’s all about chat rooms.

The chat rooms here are really not well moderated, and it’s mostly a ton of spammers and links that are going to end up making you get a headache from even looking at them.

By spending time on a site like this one, you’re just going to be spinning your wheels. These women that you’ll see on this site are probably never going to sleep with you.

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You can avoid LocalSlags.co.uk.

This is a site that we really can’t see delivering, and that’s why we can’t recommend LocalSlags.co.uk. This is a site that just didn’t work for us, and that’s why you should check out FreeHookups.com instead.