Review: Is It Worth Your Time? Get the Facts

We were really bored form the start when it came to, and it starts with the really dumb name. A site that’s talking about ‘adults’ doesn’t necessarily mean adult dating, but apparently, that’s the sort of impression that we’re supposed to get just from showing up on this particular site. It’s really disappointing, and it obviously confuses a lot of other people, considering the low activity numbers that we found floating around on this particular dating site.


The site itself is very poorly designed, and it looks like it’s in sore need of an update. If you’re looking for a site that’s going to actually be welcoming to a number of individuals, then it’s not going to be this one. Women will probably be put off by the lack of design, and men will immediately be turned off by the fact that it’s just not active. It’s very hard to find members on here that will talk to you, and paying cash money for a dead, inactive site isn’t something that we really relish doing with our time.

The results didn’t impress.

We were able to spend a whole month on our Adults reviews, and that didn’t end up delivering anything close to what we wanted. We spent most of our time on this particular site pulling out our hair, and that means that we were really just not interested in coming back. Even after sending out a total of 90 messages, there wasn’t much of anything that called us to this site.

From those 90 messages, we were only able to get a grand total of 83 responses…and while that sounds like a lot, you need to understand: most of them were spam. That means that just a lot of random junk mail came into our inbox on this site, and that’s because there’s not any good filter in place.

From those 83 responses, only a total of 10 women wanted to set up dates with us, and not a single one of them actually showed up. That says a lot about this site, that’s for sure.

The features were no good.

We were really trying hard during our review to find something nice to say here, but the fact is– is just plain boring.

If you’re looking for anything other than the most basic of features and messaging systems, then you’ll need to take your time and money elsewhere. This site just doesn’t really deliver beyond that.

We were really bored and frustrated, and that’s obviously what happened to everyone else that tried to make this site work, too. It’s just dead.

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In our opinion, this is a site that’s a total waste of your time. We really did struggle to get the kind of attention that we wanted on here, and we couldn’t get laid a single time.

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