UpForIt.com Review: Can It Seriously Deliver on Adult Dates?

UpForIt.com might be trying to be cute with it’s little double entendre of a name, but that doesn’t mean that it’s succeeding. Instead of being cute, it’s anything but, considering it’s a site that’s really empty of actual ladies, really lacking in terms of features, and just plain not even coming close to delivering the kinds of results that will end up helping you get laid. This site is very inactive, and that shows in the results that we were receiving here.


This site has a very, very pornographic layout that is really going to end up turning a lot of ladies off and away. Sure, we like to look at porn, and a lot of ladies do, too, but that doesn’t mean that they want nothing but a layout that objectifies them. It’s a site that can’t even come close to respecting them, and that made us really want to step back from the start. It also doesn’t help that the layout is genuinely just not good, and it’s the kind of thing that is really going to end up making newbies confused and upset.

Our results didn’t pan out.

We tried very hard to make our UpForIt review stand out and actually work, but the more time that we spent trying to make UpForIt work, the less we were able to have happen. We spent a whole month on this site, and we were able to send out a total of 90 messages…to basically no avail. This site just didn’t end up giving us anywhere close to the results that we were looking for.

From those 90 messages that we sent out here, we weren’t able to get a single reply. This really proved to us how dead in the water the site was, and how most of these women have moved onto much greener pastures. We can’t exactly blame them; this is a site that’s not going to even come close to giving you the results that you want, and we did prove that.

If you’re looking for a chance to get laid, you can basically consider this a severely diminished chance, or no chance at all. Our review really didn’t make it out to be a positive site to use at all.

The features were a miss.

If you want solid features, you won’t find them here. Instead, you’ll find too-basic of a search engine, and not much else beyond that. This site barely even has a solid messaging system.

We found this site to also be severely lacking in terms of customer service, which ended up being a problem the few times we wanted to report bugs.

This made us really not happy about sticking around on here, because if something did go wrong and we got scammed, who were we supposed to contact? It’s just not a comfortable site.

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We didn’t enjoy UpForIt.com.

We really can’t recommend UpForIt.com. There are better sites in our opinion, like our favorite site, FreeHookups.com. Definitely check it out.