Will Toys Ruin Your Sex Life? The Pros (and Cons) of Using Sex Toys in Bed

Making the most of sex toys is something that you should really consider doing, but you can’t over do it. Casual sex encounters shouldn’t rely only on sex toys, and if they do, then you’re going to end up hitting a brick wall in your relationships that you won’t be able to overcome. You want to make sure that your woman is there for you, not for the expensive vibrator that you’re breaking out with her. If you can’t do that, then you’re going to end up really disappointed in the future.

sex toys rockSex toys can be a good idea…sometimes.

When it comes to using sex toys, we’ve all done it. They’re a very useful tool when it comes to having even more fun on your adult dating ventures, but they shouldn’t be the first thing that you end up reaching for. In fact, if you overuse them, that can end up leading to a ton of issues, and it can end up making your sexual encounters pretty darn unsatisfying.

You want to always make sure that you’re using sex toys sparingly, and overusing a vibrator can actually make it really difficult for your date to come without that kind of stimulation. If you go overboard, you’re both going to know it, and it’s not going to end up being the kind of experience that either of you have wanted. You want to make sure that she’s having fun…but not just because of that vibrating toy.

Know when to use them.

Sex toys are a great tool for sure, but you shouldn’t whip them out immediately whenever you’re showing up for a casual sex encounter. This can end up causing some really annoying things, such as sex toy exhaustion. That means that you and your girl aren’t able to get off without a sex toy, and sometimes, if it’s the overuse of a vibrator that you’re dealing with, she might not be able to get off at all. This can end up killing sensitivity, and it can end up really ruining the experience that the two of you are trying to have. It makes getting off really, really hard.

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From our experience, bringing out a little bullet vibrator isn’t a bad idea. You can always include that as a part of your sessions with her, and you don’t just have to use it on her clitoris. Using it around her nipples and behind her ears is another choice that can really start to rile her up, and if you do want to help her get off whenever you’re having sex with her, you can always end up using it on her clitoris then. You can also let her control it during that time, and you two can end up having a lot of explosive fun.

You don’t want to immediately bring out a huge Hitachi magic wand, however. That can end up really overstimulating her, and it’s going to end up being impossible for the two of you to get off without it in the future. Setting that precedent can make your sexual encounters really lackluster, and it can make her feel like she’s dependent on it to get off. That’s not something that the two of you are going to want to have to deal with, and you want to make sure that you’re trying all of your own skills before you have to resort to that.

You can get dependent on them.

Sex toys are, ultimately, a gimmick. Understanding that means that you do need to realize that they’re just a way to bring in more ladies to your bed, and from there, the magic needs to be either perfect, or it’s going to be lost. Don’t talk about how great you are with a whip and chains if you can barely even sling it around, for example. She’s going to end up disappointed, and you’re going to end up getting a reputation as that guy that really doesn’t know what he’s talking about online at all.

If you’re unsure about how to make a sex toy work for you, read up on it, and experiment a little. Just make sure that you’re being honest with her, and that she knows that you’re going to be not at experienced as you would be with this sex toy as you might be with others. Being honest about this kind of thing can end up going a long way, and it can end up making your casual sex relationship with her blossom into something that’s going to end up being way more amazing than you previously expected.

Overall, sex toys are a great tool, but they shouldn’t be the crux of your casual sex adventures. You deserve more than that, and you deserve to be able to get your own hands dirty, so to speak. Talk to her about what she wants in the bedroom, and then you can go from there. By making sure that you’re addressing her needs properly, you’ll be able to adjust how much a sex toy needs to come into play, and how little you might actually have to break it out. Once you know this, you’re going to end up seeing how much fun it can be without them.