Review: Don’t Go in Blind – See If It Works is a site that’s been around for quite awhile, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a site that you’re going to want to spend your time on. For a site that’s been around on the Internet for so long, it’s certainly not a site that has a ton of traffic, and that’s something that’s ultimately going to end up frustrating you. You’ll rarely see active ladies on this site, and that means that it’s going to be pretty darn difficult for you to ever get laid.


This site has a very poorly designed layout, and a lot of very, very risque imagery floating around. Women don’t want to look at porn when they’re trying to get laid online. They want a site that’s classy yet intimate, and while it can be sexy, it doesn’t need to be outright porn that’s geared towards guys. That means that BeNaughty is really just tipping the scales in the wrong direction, and that’s not something that you’re going to want to end up dealing with. You can basically just take a step back from this site, and avoid it entirely.

The results are in, and not good.

We weren’t exactly excited or hyped up about our BeNaughty review, but we certainly did give it our best. This site didn’t end up hitting the mark for us at all, and that’s because there’s not much going on here in the slightest. We spent a whole month here, and after sending out those 90 messages, we were really not happy with the kinds of numbers that rolled in through our door.

From those 90 messages, we did end up receiving a total of 90 replies, but every single last one of them was a spam mail. There’s absolutely no protection on this particular site for that sort of thing, so that means that your inbox is going to end up filling up with spam almost every single day that you’re using this particular site.

Dealing with that much spam can end up taking a toll on anyone, and that’s certainly the case with this site. It’s totally frustrating, and it’s not going to end up giving you anything but a headache the longer that you use this site.

Avoid these features for sure.

There’s nothing impressive about anything that you’re going to end up finding on this particular site, and that’s because they’re deliberately keeping it as basic and boring as possible.

Their search is weak, their profiles are sparse, and the site layout is just plain not good. The ratio of women to men on this site is one of the worst that we’ve seen in awhile.

You can avoid this site outright and feel better, we wager. It’s just not going to end up giving you the kind of turnaround that you really want.

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