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That first date that you have with her is going to end up setting the tone, and you want to make sure that you don’t end up ruining everything. By standing out as a great guy and having a good time with her, you’re basically going to end up hitting the mark every single time…but […] Read more

When it comes to talking dirty, you need to be able to whip out a skill like that sooner rather than later. A lot of ladies love a man that knows how to talk dirty, and if you’ve got that particular skill, she’s going to keep coming back for more. You just need to know […] Read more

Making the most of sex toys is something that you should really consider doing, but you can’t over do it. Casual sex encounters shouldn’t rely only on sex toys, and if they do, then you’re going to end up hitting a brick wall in your relationships that you won’t be able to overcome. You want […] Read more

Getting a threesome on an adult dating is definitely not as difficult as you might be thinking. In fact, it’s really easy to end up hopping in the middle of a threesome that’s 2 girls, and you can end up having it as often as you want, if you know how to play your cards […] Read more

Just about everyone that’s into hooking up and adult dating has heard of Tinder, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to end up being something that you enjoy. This is the kind of app that is going to bring a ton of scammers to the yard, and if you’re looking for more fun, then […] Read more

Being a gentleman when it comes to online dating isn’t something that’s rocket science. It just requires a bit of know-how, and it requires knowing how to type things without making ladies feel offended about anything that you’re saying. You don’t want women to be able to walk all over you, however, just like you […] Read more

Knowing when a casual hookup just isn’t working for you any longer is a very useful skill to acquire. You need to be able to gauge the situation properly, and realize when you’re wasting your time more than you’re having fun. If you can’t figure out the difference there, this can end up being a […] Read more

Without a doubt, it’s important to know how to actually text women. Knowing all about texting women is going to end up getting you on their good side, and getting them in the mood. Being that guy that leaves in the middle of texting or just makes it really weird and a lot more work […] Read more

Using multiple dating sites is the name of the games these days, and that’s going to end up giving you everything that you want. You’ll have more options, a ton of ladies that are gorgeous, and a lot more chances to get laid. That’s why you want to make sure that you’re actually going to […] Read more

Getting her into bed isn’t just an instance of asking her. You want to make sure that you’re chatting her up enough to make her feel at ease, or otherwise, she’s never even going to say next. That first date location needs to be spot on, too, and how are you supposed to know if […] Read more