Review: We Get the Facts on Whether It Works

With a site like, you shouldn’t go in expecting very much. This site is just really not going to be the pinnacle of perfection in any way, and that’s because the women that you’re going to find on here are probably bots or spammers. That means that most of the profiles listed on the front page aren’t exactly legit. We can’t prove it, but just from a glance and from our experiences here, they don’t seem to be real, active ladies that want to chat with you.


We really tried to converse with most of the ladies that were listed as active on this site, and we rarely would get a response. This is a site that’s pretty much dead in the water in terms of ladies that are interested in talking to you and having a good time, and that means that your chances of getting laid in a place like this are basically slim to none. We were really not happy about seeing that here, and after spending as much time as we did here, we were hoping for a few more results.

We can’t say the results were great.

Our Casuals review didn’t end up hitting any great landmark for us, and in fact, it was actually very, very disappointing. This site really didn’t end up making us feel comfortable from the start, considering the poorly done layout and the number of dubious looking profiles. It really didn’t work after a month of being here and sending out a total of 90 messages, however.

After sending out those 90 messages, we didn’t end up with a single reply. This really proved to us that the site was just not in fighting condition, and it plainly wasn’t going to end up giving you the kind of results that you were looking for. You aren’t going to be able to get laid on a site like this.

No replies means no dates, and no dates means no sex. Basically, this whole site was a total waste of our time, and we couldn’t wait to take our business to a site that was going to end up really delivering on what it promised.

We didn’t like these features.

Spending a ton of time on adult dating sites means that we know that Casuals is a really big miss in terms of solid, reliable features for guys and ladies that want to have fun.

Instead of getting the kind of fun that you want here, you’re only going to have a very basic search engine to work with, and we need a lot more than that.

This site just doesn’t hit the mark in terms of activity, and so with a low ratio and nothing better to do, this is a site that’s going to be avoided.

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You can avoid for sure.

We didn’t end up being very impressed by Casuals, and so we recommend that you take your business elsewhere. Check out instead, and you’ll be much happier.