Review: See If It Can Help You Score Tonight is a site that’s supposed to help college guys and girls connect, and it’s also supposed to just help you connect to university girls in general. That’s not really something that’s going on here, because there’s no real screening process involved on this site. This means just about anyone can join up, no matter what their age or what they’re doing with their life, and that makes it pretty unsafe as far as we’re concerned.


We’d really like the concept of ShagAtUni a lot more if you actually were able to verify where you went to college, but that’s not something that’s going to happen here. For university goers, we really recommend approaching this site with caution. The screening isn’t there, the girls aren’t very active, and it’s basically just a lot of university age guys sitting around and hoping that some hot girl joins. The ratio is very off, and that doesn’t exactly make for a fun environment for anyone that’s trying to make this site work for them. You’re just going to be wasting time here.

The review didn’t stand out.

We really did try to have fun on our ShagAtUni review, but it just wasn’t happening. We spent a whole month here, and during that time, sending out a total of 90 messages had some pretty low, poor results. We were really not happy with what we found in the numbers, and we couldn’t wait to just shelve this site and move onto one that was going to end up giving us a much better experience.

From those 90 messages, we were only able to get a grand total of 21 responses. This was really quite low, but at least most of them weren’t spam. We still wanted to see a much higher turnout, and considering this site really made us pull teeth to even get that many, we weren’t thrilled.

From those 21 responses, only 1 girl wanted to date us, and while she showed up to the date, she didn’t sleep with us. That made this site basically useless, and we were really annoyed with it. This isn’t the kind of site that we’d use again.

The features weren’t good.

Spending our time here made one thing very clear: this is just a site that was designed in about five minutes, and it’s very, very basic because of that.

We obviously can’t say that with certainty, but it has the feel of a site with a too-basic search engine code that was pulled off of Google.

The other thing is that the site is just really not active enough. It doesn’t advertise, and so it doesn’t have a ton of ladies on it, and it doesn’t appeal to them. All of this together is a hot mess.

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We didn’t enjoy

Trying to make this site work is more akin to pulling teeth than anything else, and that’s why we highly recommend that you avoid it. Instead, check out our favorite,