Review: Will It Deliver a Big Haul?

With a name like, you’d hope for something that was at least kind of playfully sexy. Instead, this is a site that just comes off as nothing but pornographic, and that’s going to end up really scaring a lot of ladies off. This is a site that doesn’t really do its job in attracting ladies. If anything, it drives them away by being way too sexual, and basically coming off as a site that degrades women instead of helps promote their sexuality.


When a site like Naughtyfishdating doesn’t even try to welcome women and make them feel comfortable, it’s not exactly a surprise when the site doesn’t even have a solid ratio of women to men at all. This site is basically empty, and that means that your chances of being able to even strike up a conversation with a woman is going to be pretty darn slim. The ladies using adult dating sites aren’t going to waste their time on a site like this one. They’re going to want to go to a site that gives them a lot more respect.

We weren’t into these results.

We were really not that happy about our Naughtyfishdating review to begin with, but we really did try to dig in deep and make the best of this site. Unfortunately, even after spending a month on this site, we were really not happy with what we cam away with, and those 90 messages that we sent out really just seemed pointless by the end of it all.

From those 90 messages, we weren’t able to get a single woman to chat back with us. This really showed the activity level of this site, and how many women were actually around. The answer was, of course, pretty darn close to zero. Most of the time, we’d rarely even see any active profiles of women online, and that really told us a lot about the nature of the site.

We really tried to put on our game face regarding this site, but when even we couldn’t get laid or get a single woman to chat back with us on here, that says a lot about the conditions of the site, and how poorly it’s doing.

We weren’t impressed by these features.

It’s often a struggle to find solid features on a dating site, and that’s definitely the case here. We were really after a lot of great features, and we only got basic ones.

This site just didn’t end up standing out in terms of search or profile features, and we also had a lot of trouble with their messaging system and getting a lot of spam mails in-between our other messages.

Because of all of this, you should basically just step back from this site and realize that it’s not going to end up giving you the results that you want. It didn’t work for us at all.

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