Review: Check Out How It Really Compares

The problem that you’re going to immediately run into with is that the site is just not appealing to women. If a site doesn’t appeal to the ladies, then it’s never going to end up being a site that draws them in…and that means that it’s just not going to end up being populated. The ratio will always be off, and that means that your chances of getting laid will be miniscule.


The layout here is really, really pornographic, and that obviously is going to turn a lot of women away from MySexHookups. They aren’t going to feel comfortable in joining a site that just appeals to men, and that’s going to be something of a consistent problem every single time that you try to show up on this site.

It’s also not easy to use. The sign-up process can be really confusing, and if you’re a newbie that has never used an adult dating site before, this is a site that’s probably just going to make you wonder what you’re doing, especially when they claim to be free, and immediately ask for a credit card.

The results didn’t impress.

The whole time that we were spending time on our MySexHookups review, we were really disappointed to see how poorly this site performed. It was really just not holding up to our expectations of what a dating site online should be, especially after sending out a total of 90 messages, and getting next to nothing from them.

From those 90 messages, we received a total of 65 responses. That definitely doesn’t mean that it was a good ratio, however; the thing is, most of these messages were spam mail, and that means that there’s no way in hell we’d get laid from that.

From those 65 responses, only a total of 3 women wanted to end up setting up dates with us, and not a single one of them actually ended up showing up. This made it really clear that this site was just a waste of our time. We couldn’t get laid at all here.

We didn’t have fun here.

If you take a look at the ‘features’ that are present here, it’s pretty apparent that there’s not much going on. Their search system is way too simple for our tastes.

We also found that their profiles were just not fleshed out enough to make it possible for you to find women that would be interesting, or even remotely interested in you.

There aren’t a lot of active profiles, either. We didn’t exactly fancy this site as a great opportunity for you to meet anyone and get laid.

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We really can’t recommend this site if you’re looking for a great adult dating experience. In our opinion, our number one site is much better, and we really and honestly think that it’s going to end up delivering a lot more to the table.

If you want to get laid, you shouldn’t waste your time here!