Review: Before You Sign Up, See If It’s Legit is a site that just really makes us turn up our nose. In general, this site is just not going to end up making you disappointed in what adult dating sites can be if they are this poorly maintained and designed, and that’s why this is a site that’s one you need to take and compare to every single one of our top sites if nothing else. You’ll really be able to see what makes a huge difference in design, and what makes a huge difference in attention to detail.


First of all, this site has next to no advertising. This means that the serious lack of push is going to end up being a problem when it comes to no women joining. They don’t want to end up coming to a site that’s dead in the water, and so it’s a vicious cycle. Without any real features to attract them and no advertising push, this means that there aren’t any women around, and that means a very, very low ratio of women to men. That’s not something that you ever want to see on an adult dating site, but it’s all over ClickAndFlirt.

These results were disappointing.

We ended up really not happy with our ClickAndFlirt review, and we’re not sure how anyone ever could be happy about it. This is a site that just really misses the boat on a lot of things, and that shows more and more as time goes on. With this particular site, you’re never going to end up getting the results that you want. We proved this after spending a month here, and sending out 90 messages.

From those 90 messages, we might have gotten a total of 90 replies, but they were all from spammers or bots. This means that you’re not going to get a date here, and you definitely aren’t going to end up getting laid. These ladies just aren’t even going to begin to talk to you.

If you can’t even get women to talk to you on an adult dating site, that’s a sign that you’re really in the wrong place. This site just won’t even come close to hitting the mark in terms of quality ways to get laid.

Forget these features…they’re awful.

You’re really not going to believe the lack of basics that are on this site, so let’s just outline it really quickly: their search engine only works if you have a subscription.

They also just barely have any keyword searching even if you do pay for it, and that’s why you’re going to have to end up skipping this site entirely.

Without a good spam net on their messaging system, too, this means that the whole site is just poorly designed, and really not worth it.

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