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Sites like not only have dumb names, but they also seem to have pretty dumb management. This is a site that really isn’t well-monitored, and that’s why it ends up just being a hot mess of abandoned profiles, and absolutely nothing to do while you wade through them. Trying to make sense of a site like this can end up being hell on earth for anyone, and especially can drive newbies away.


If you’re trying to have fun on a site like this one, you’re going to find it really, really difficult to actually get anything done. The layout is going to end up being a confusing, hot mess for a newbie to wade through, complete with broken images and drop down menus that rarely want to work. There’s also next to no activity here, which really made us realize exactly how poorly done this whole site was. It’s just not going to end up working out if you want to get laid at all, let alone on a regular basis. You won’t end up seeing anywhere close to the kind of traffic that you need.

These results just really missed the mark.

After digging in deep for our CheekyLovers review, we were really not happy about what we found in our results. This site was a total mess for the entire month that we spent on it, and that’s why you need to make sure that you realize how bad it really was. This site was one that we still managed to send out 90 messages on…and we couldn’t wait to see proof of how bad it was.

From those 90 messages, we certainly received 90 messages in response, and every single one of them was either a bot, a spammer, or an escort. The mere idea of getting a whole inbox of nothing but that should make you cringe, and we’re sure that if we were on this site even more, we’d just end up with another inbox full of nothing but the same.

This whole site was a huge problem to spend time on, and we were really not happy about going back day after day. No matter how we tried, we couldn’t get any women to talk to us, and that means that it was a total waste.

Avoid these features at all costs.

This site was way too basic, first of all. Spending time here just meant that it was going to end up giving you a headache, and that’s because half the features didn’t even work.

Their search rarely picked up any profiles, the profiles were way too basic, and there wasn’t anything else to do on here.

Obviously, their messaging system was also no good. This means that your chances of getting laid ended up being basically zero.

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Avoid for sure.

We really didn’t like CheekyLovers, and we can’t imagine that you will, either. Skip this site, and check out our favorite site instead, You’ll get results there.