Review: Does It Measure Up to Top Sites?

When it comes to, you should really just turn back now. This site didn’t end up impressing us at any point, and it’s because this site just ended up being a hot mess of poorly thrown up images, a lot of pornographic shots, and a lot of empty, dead profiles. There were never very many women on this site, and there certainly aren’t very many women floating around on here nowadays. It’s just dead and as boring as it can ever be.


The idea of a newbie checking out a site like this one makes us cringe, to be honest. In our opinion, an adult dating site needs to be open, fun, and really full of active women and men alike, but this site isn’t any of that. Mostly, it’s a site that’s just full of broken ideals, and that lack of confidence amongst any of the men that are on AdultSingles makes us really sad. We can’t imagine ever getting a start on a site like this one. It’s just plain not going to happen.

You won’t get good results with this site.

We were really not too gung ho about our AdultSingles review in the first place, especially after just taking a solid look at the site. It’s really not appealing, and spending a month here seemed like an impossible task. Still, we did it, and we ended up sending out a total of 90 messages to women that we found pretty hot. Overall, it was just not working out for us.

From those 90 messages, not a single woman would actually contact us in return. This really just goes to show you how dead the site is and still is today, and that doesn’t seem to be changing in the slightest. This is a site that needs a massive overhaul if it’s going to end up attracting any new business.

Obviously, we didn’t get laid on this site. We couldn’t even get a date, and that says a lot about the state of the site in general. It’s really not up to snuff, and the idea that you’ll ever be able to get laid on a site like this one is laughable at best.

Skip out on these features.

We were really not impressed with the lack of features on this site. The more time that we spent floating around on here, the less we were able to do. It’s incredibly boring.

This site doesn’t have a solid search feature or even a solid profile formation template. It’s all just very, very basic.

With all of this in mind, it’s no surprise that most people have left this site. It’s flooded with blank profiles, and it’s really just a way for spammers to get their start.

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Avoid the whole of

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